Telescoping Tube (adjusts length of board anywhere from 13" to 18") for stylist ergonomics. Maximizes comfort no matter what your arm length, body position, body shape, angle of attack, etc. No hunching over anymore!

 Patented Tabs helps secure foils onto board no matter what angle you are inserting them. Keeps you upright in your foiling pattern for ultimate comfort and ergonomics. No more twisting sideways!

 Clear Coat Gloss over surface allows for easy clean up with no staining. Provides excellent surface for you to paint hair from the mid shaft and ends down to scalp!

 Patented Chest Pad allows for ultimate contact at any angle! Up, down, left, or right, it will always feel secure and sticky against your body no matter where you have it!

 Patented Wedge elevates the board to allow for easy, quick pick up and grab. Works with any station or cart surface you rest the board on to. It also keeps foils secure on the board because the angle of the board has been designed to stay flush onto the surface.  The whole design is super lightweight but very durable!