Off Camber's Singletrack board represents consistency, ingenuity, and gives a precise painting surface for all your coloring needs.  I graduated from cosmetology school in October 2014 and foiling was always a challenge for me due to the sphere shape of the head.  Learning how to foil and color with the Singletrack Board gives me the confidence I need while doing hair.  I know I'm getting a consistent saturation every time because it gives me the flat painting surface I need. Having the adjustable bar that allows me to stand away and upright from my client so has tremendously helped my posture while I work. I could go on and on about the benefits of this tool. The Singletrack board changes the way I do hair. I could never imagine doing hair with out it again!      -Jen


  "I love how the Singletrack board makes my highlights constant, even and close to the scalp"  -Amber (Off Camber Studios Client)





Wether your doing freestyle color or hair surgery, the Singletrack board by Off Camber Gear is a perfectionist dream. It allows you to get color precisely where you want it, right down to the scalp every time. Hairstylists used to use a plastic cap and knitting needle to pull hair through and highlight it. Thankfully I've never had to use this technique. I'm sure retouching previous highlights was almost impossible. Since using Singletrack,  I look back at how I used to put foils in with a weavecomb and think, wow, this tool is going to revolutionize the hair industry. Just like it did when we got rid of the plastic nightmare cap. What I didn't know is, I was living a nightmare, fumbling with foils to fold over a comb, having clients hand you foils, getting highlights down to the scalp was more work than it should be. The good news is that there is now a tool to eliminate all of the inconveniences that comes with putting foils in hair. The Singletrack board will have you living the dream. I know that this tool Will revolutionize the hair industry because it has revolutionized my business and my work!           -David


I've been using a color board for over 10 years now and I can honestly say that I feel it has been a HUGE part of making my business successful in so many ways!  However, since I I've been using the Singletrack board, which was about 6 months ago, I can't imagine doing any form of hair coloring with out it.  The creators of this tool have truly thought of every angle in the form of making this tool extremely user friendly as well as being a huge advantage for foil placement and various balayage techniques.  It's light weight and telescope pole extender are just a couple things that make this tool a total one of a kind gadget.  Also, anytime I use it on a new client they are always blown a way on how cool it looks and how effective it is in terms of the quality of work it allows me to provide, as well as, how much faster it allows me to apply the color.  The Singletrack Board has been a total game changer for me and my business!  I'm so excited that we finally have such an effective and totally awesome, professional looking tool in our industry.  Words can't begin to describe how happy I am that I no longer have to use a crumby looking piece of plexiglass in order to better cater to my high end clientele.  I absolutely Love Love Love this tool!    -Brent





 Singletrack will revolutionize the way hairstylists apply highlights.  A standard must have on a day to day basis!  The board allows me to feel more secure with my placement, consistency, and overall application becomes easy and fast!   -Amber